The Rusty Skipper

001 - Laponica Refrigeration - Forklift

Laponica Refrigeration is looking at buying a used forklift from one of our seafood plant customers. I, Ole Andreas Haug, have decided to name it The Rusty Skipper! At least that’s what I’m thinking right now. I will accept some other ideas.

002 - Laponica Refrigeration - ForkliftLaponica Refrigeration is a family operated small business located in Kenner, Louisiana. We are a full service and state licensed mechanical contractor for A/C, Heating and Commercial Refrigeration.

003 - Laponica Refrigeration - Forklift


Air Handler Install for Gulf Marine

009 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler

Some sections of this walkway were dangerous and if not careful one could easily fall through.

014 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler

The problem here was best described by our tech, “It was held on with tape!”

001 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler

Ragnar and Pat work on an air handler, which is about to get lifted up and installed. The workers inside are shivering in the cold. Good thing Laponica Refrigeration was here to save the day.

002 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 003 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 005 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 006 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 007 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 008 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 010 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 011 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 012 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 013 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 015 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler

Laponica’s Homemade Staircase

001 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

Probably should have moved some of that junk out the way first, but here you can see the workings of Laponica’s homemade staircase. The creator and designer, Ragnar Haug, is a self taught expert in the field of carpentry and refrigeration.

002 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

Angled shot to show height and depth.

003 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

Our two service tech experts Dennis and Marcus help their boss finish the job.

004 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

Work completed. Expertly crafted and designed this staircase will help expedite the process of moving stuff up and down from the second floor. Great job everyone. Great job.

005 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

This staircase has been tested and approved for “temporary” use by a member of the Haug family. Additional support methods will be needed to “feel” completely safe as determined by members of the Haug family who’s opinion will be the ultimate judge.

Laponica Refrigeration is a family operated small business located in Kenner, Louisiana. We are a full service and state licensed mechanical contractor for Air Conditioning, Heating and Commercial Refrigeration.

Home made draft table

001 - Laponica Refrigeration Draft Table

At first we managed to create a draft table with a smaller computer side table for our techs to do paperwork. The techs have a chair, but whoever is drafting looks like they will have to use a step stool.

002 - Laponica Refrigeration Draft Table

Nah, never mind. The owner, Ragnar Haug, is likely the one who will be using the draft table most often. Hence a nice expensive Rheem bar stool. Too bad the floor isn’t even.

003 - Laponica Refrigeration Draft Table

The office is coming together slowly but surely.

It finally happened – Hell has frozen!

Laponica Refrigeration - Hell, Norway

By: Ole Andreas Haug

That is – Hell the city in Norway has frozen. According to my brother, who has been to Hell and back, visitors can take a train ride to “Hell” and, in plain good old English, be greeted by a sign that says, “Welcome to Hell.” In Norwegian we spell the religious underworld location as “Helvete”, so naming a city “Hell” was perfectly fine until English speaking visitors began to come. Then it became funny.

As Norwegian immigrants to the United States Laponica Refrigeration brings extensive knowledge on making things as cold as possible, circumstantially evident by our slogan: “We work in the heat, so you don’t have to!”

If you live in the Greater New Orleans area we recommend you visit our newly designed web page, request service, or browse our extensive list of photos on our blog About Laponica Refrigeration.

Can we fix it?


Poor Bob the Builder… Poor Ford 🙂 Lucky for us he was not talking about Laponica Refrigeration! If you have not heard about Laponica yet it is only a matter of time. Legal aliens, unlike those in the movie Independence Day, the owners of Laponica moved to New Orleans from Norway in 1993. With expert knowledge in the field of residential and commercial air conditioning and heating – Laponica Refrigeration is the company you can trust to be fair and honest with your next project. Besides… we’re Norwegians. We know the cold. We even have a guy with a huge cool looking beard working for us. How awesome is that? 

Relax – Laponica Refrigeration got this!


By: Ole Andreas Haug

She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. (Proverbs 31:26 – KJV)

When it comes to wise sayings not much beats the authors of Proverbs. King Solomon and his father David both knew quiet well that the smartest thing a man could probably do is #1 Trust God and #2 Don’t argue with your wife. Laponica Refrigeration is a family Christian owned and operated small business serving the Greater New Orleans area in residential HVAC and commercial HVACR.

Whether it is for your house or for your office Laponica is ready to provide a helping hand in times of dire need. Service or install on air conditioning and heating for our residential and commercial customers. For our commercial customers we also provide install and service on commercial grade ice machines and walk-in cooler/freezer boxes.

It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house. (Proverbs 21:9 – KJV)