It finally happened – Hell has frozen!

Laponica Refrigeration - Hell, Norway

By: Ole Andreas Haug

That is – Hell the city in Norway has frozen. According to my brother, who has been to Hell and back, visitors can take a train ride to “Hell” and, in plain good old English, be greeted by a sign that says, “Welcome to Hell.” In Norwegian we spell the religious underworld location as “Helvete”, so naming a city “Hell” was perfectly fine until English speaking visitors began to come. Then it became funny.

As Norwegian immigrants to the United States Laponica Refrigeration brings extensive knowledge on making things as cold as possible, circumstantially evident by our slogan: “We work in the heat, so you don’t have to!”

If you live in the Greater New Orleans area we recommend you visit our newly designed web page, request service, or browse our extensive list of photos on our blog About Laponica Refrigeration.


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