Commercial Maintenance Program

IMG_3468Prevention Reduces Costs!

Many expensive air conditioning, heating and refrigeration repairs are caused by lack of proper maintenance and service. Planned maintenance inspections reduce the number of emergency calls by revealing potential problems that can be corrected, before they become expensive, and thereby reducing major repairs and equipment replacements.

A maintenance plan with Laponica Refrigeration provides peace of mind through periodic scheduled inspections. Lubrication, adjustments, safety testing and cleaning of your heating and cooling system will keep it running at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble.

Identify & discern everything!!

Every inspection comes with a detailed checklist of your equipment’s current status, what equipment or part(s) need immediate service and what can wait. Twice a year Laponica will schedule an appointment to inspect your HVAC and/or refrigeration equipment. Regular inspections serve the purpose of inspecting and advising the customer of any needed repairs. No repairs are made without the customer’s approval. Servicing your refrigeration equipment on a regular basis can help drastically reduce the number of emergency service calls your company needs.

On the financial side, the most obvious benefit is lower overall service costs. If all works as it should, your company will require fewer emergency calls throughout the year. As a result, total spending on equipment service will be lower as well as, all things being equal, your costs will be more predictable vs. relying on emergency calls only.

Hidden benefits!!!

These types of agreements have some additional, less obvious, but still very real financial advantages. Properly maintained equipment will use less energy than ones that are not regularly serviced, resulting in lower utility bills. Even more significant, such equipment will last longer, lowering capital investment expenses. Consider a refrigerator or icemaker: A clean condenser means fans are running less, compressors are running less – all the moving parts are running less. So you get a longer lifespan for the equipment on top of the energy savings.

A service tech that is familiar with the system and has access to the equipment’s history does not need to spend time (money) trying to figuring out what has been done in the past. All our inspections are detailed and can serve as a visual aid for both the customer and the technician.

While budgets are still tight for most foodservice operations, equipment service and repair should not be an expense your company should worry about. Planned maintenance agreements offer the ability to control that expense and pay attention to what really matters: your company and its customers.

Call Laponica at 504-273-4013 or fill out a Request Service form to find out more. One of our members will come out to your business and explain how our Commercial maintenance program works. There’s no obligation and the visit is free.


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