Commercial Ice Machines


A commercial ice machine is one of the most important equipment purchases of nearly every service industry. Since there are several styles and different configurations, Laponica Refrigeration can help you choose the type of commercial ice machine that will work best for your business. Whether you operate a commercial kitchen, restaurant, bar, hotel, medical clinic, or hospital, there is an ice machine suitable for any of these establishments and each environment has its own unique requirements.

Many times when a service industry chooses an ice machine, they often overlook the ice production capacity. Laponica Refrigeration can help you to select an ice machine that has the production capacity to keep up with demand. We consider several factors when estimating ice consumption so you don’t exceed the ice production capacity of your machine. Will you have enough ice during peak hours of operation? Will you have a large enough ice machine if your business experiences rapid growth or increased demand? Will environmental conditions affect the ice machine’s ability to produce its maximum output capacity, such as temperature and ventilation in the establishment? Will you need a few smaller ice machines instead of one large centralized unit?

The Nordic blood of the Laponica Refrigeration technicians knows no boundaries and our skills in high quality commercial ice machines is a testament to that fact. Please take note that all of Laponica Refrigeration’s customers will receive the best customer care and quality materials to match. We have maintenance programs available for regular maintenance (important for any type of mechanical device, Lifetime workmanship guarantee, detailed checklists on inspections, and some of the most dedicated and experienced technicians to boot.