Pizza Hut – Springfield, LA

Some photos of a Pizza Hut Walk-in Cooler/Freezer box we did in Springfield, LA.

For those overly curious… yes he has burned his beard a few times. The smell is quite unique.



Yet another Pizza Hut in Baton Rouge

Some additional photos of a job we did in Baton Rouge. For those interested 🙂

Pizza Hut – Baton Rouge

A few photos of the pizza hut box in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Pizza Hut – Matthews, La

Some photos of the new Pizza Hut in Matthews, La. This pizza hut is off Hwy 1 – on the same exit as Raceland coming down Hwy 90. These photos were taken in July, 2012 so they’re a little old. Either way it’s kinda neat to see how much simpler these cooler and freezer installs have become lately. You get a bunch of panels, slap’em together and BAM you can start making pizza. Typical install takes 2-3 working days. As with any work site, completion depends on the other contractors completing their jobs. You can’t exactly be putting panels on the floor if the floor guy hasn’t done his part yet, right? Just sayin…