Port Eads – Install

Port Eads

– Install of two walk-in cooler/freezer boxes –

Totally forgot to post these photos, but here they are. Without an electrician present all our techs could do was put the boxes together and come back later to start it up.

To see photos from the site visit 12Nov14 click on the following link: Port Eads – Site Visit

Laponica Refrigeration offers both Industrial and Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration services in addition to residential services. The Nordic blood of the Laponica Refrigeration technicians knows no boundaries and our skills in high quality commercial ice machines, walk-in cooler/freezers, is a testament to that fact. Please take note that all of Laponica Refrigeration’s customers will receive the best customer care and quality materials to match.


Walk-In Cooler/Freezer at Raising Cane’s

Laponica recently installed a cooler and freezer walk-in box at Raising Cane’s on both St Charles and S Carrollton. A lot of new things were going on at the time: The office manager, yours truly, was leaving for Vietnam in two weeks, so he had his friend Sheery Berry take photos; Sheery Berry was new, so she also had to be trained in logistics; we even had our very own tolken black guy employee Tony Buddah Brownie starting his first day of work.

In preparation for my trip to Vietnam we also stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant down the street. I don’t care what they tell you, but those weren’t meatballs. They might have been meat rolled into a ball, but they were nothing like the Swedish meatballs you get at Rouses.


Want to learn more about Laponica Refrigeration? Visit us on our webpage by clicking on this photo. Link will open in a new tab.

Want to learn more about Laponica Refrigeration? Visit us on our webpage by clicking on this photo. Link will open in a new tab.

Krystal Burger – Kenner, LA

Krystal Burger has finally come to Kenner, Louisiana! Is Marrero part of Jefferson Parish? Because if not then this would be the first Krystals in Jefferson Parish let alone Kenner. There’s one in New Orleans, one in Marrero and this one in Kenner.

I will admit I am very fond of the food myself, but I must abstain as it gives me heartburn. The people, however, are awesome! I have never met a friendlier group of managers and workers at a fast food restaurant. Granted these guys may be some of the only people I’ve ever really talked to, but… what not… Oh, I almost forgot to mention, it’s on 3117 Loyola Dr if you’re trying to type it into your gps. Enjoy the pictures!

Laponica Refrigeration

Want to know more about Laponica Refrigeration? Visit our official web page by clicking on the logo above. Located right behind the airport in Kenner (Jefferson Parish) we are a fully licensed and insured HVACR contractor serving the Greater New Orleans area.

Walk-In Box for Villa Pizza at Riverwalk

Laponica Refrigeration is working on a walk-in box for Villa Pizza at the Riverwalk in New Orleans. Heavier than expected panels exasperated by our most important tech twisting his ankle only two days before.

The truck driver, when delivering the panels to the job location, was shocked when Laponica only brought three men to unload by hand:

Normally when people don’t show up with a forklift they bring 12 guys to unload it. You brought 3 guys and one of them is a cripple!”

Our guys unloaded the truck in 29 minutes, so either our competition sucks, or we got some super techs working for the companyWe like to think the latter.

New Orleans has been crowded lately (e.g. concerts at the superdome, wrestling, construction) and tensions were surely at an all time high, but with the help of awesome project managers it all worked out nicely. Laponica will be back to the Riverwalk soon. Raising Cane’s is coming and we will be there giving taking photos and showing you what’s going on.

Redo Cooler/Freezer Box – Krystal Burger – Marrero, LA

Thursday – 21Jun14

Thursday 22May14