Laponica Employee Saves Truck Drivers Life

Laponica's token black guy - Tony Buddah Brownie - saves driver from unlikely death

Laponica’s token black guy – Tony Buddah Brownie – saves driver from unlikely death

Friday August 29th all is quiet and well around Bainbridge. A quiet cool breeze is blowing and the soothing sounds, reminiscent of birds chirping or raindrops on leaves, of 757 passenger planes taking off from Louis Armstrong International can be heard in the background. Laponica Refrigeration, located in Kenner right behind the airport, had recently hired their very own tolken black guy – Tony Buddah Brownie (his name has been distorted to protect his identity); this come to find out was a very good idea, because he nearly saved a life this faithful morning.

"Jimmy was at the firetruck when I seen the truck and I still beat him running over there," says Tony.

“Jimmy was at the firetruck when I seen the truck tipped over and I still beat him running over there,” says Tony.

While sanding (slaving in the heat) a forklift Tony noticed our neighbor Jimmy running down the street towards a truck that had just tipped over. Tony jumped up on the side of the truck, pulled down the side window, and heroically helped the driver get out.

Jimmy was at the firetruck when I seen the truck tipped over and I still beat him running over there – Tony

According to Tony: when he had pulled the side window down the driver lamented, “I told him it was top heavy. I told him it was.” To which Tony quickly replied, “Don’t worry about the truck dude. How are you?”

The driver, with perhaps an exception to his pride, had only a few nicks/bruises and was otherwise in overall good health. First responders came very quickly and closed off the streets making it very difficult to go home… And that’s the latest at Bainbridge.

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Partitioning the warehouse

I am not sure if these photos have ever been posted before… they are now. When we first moved into our office/warehouse on Bainbridge we had to build some partitions to divide our side from the rest. Special thanks to Dennis (the guy with the beard) and his father Paul (the old guy) for their work on the partitions.

Laponica did it again!

Sometimes when my dad and Pat talk… it doesn’t actually sound like this, but this is how I imagine it and how I make it sound in my head. This is on the roof of a Chili’s Grill & Bar in Covington. Laponica Refrigerations latest and greatest.

What is meant by ‘ton’ of refrigerant?

Originating during the transition from stored natural ice to mechanical refrigeration, the term is used in many countries, particularly in North America, to describe the heat-extraction capacity of cooling equipment – whether it be refrigeration or air conditioning.

One ton of refrigerant refers to 12,000 B.T.U.s/hour (British Thermal Units per Hour) of cooling effect.

Example:                                                                                                                                A condensing unit with a cooling capacity of 60,000 B.T.U.s / hour has the capacity of 5 tons.

In, “What is HVAC and what does it mean?” we describe briefly that the cooling effect you feel from your air conditioner doesn’t come from the freon itself, but rather the effects of heat transfer.

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Mellow Mushroom

These photos are taken from 05Nov-09Nov2012 @ the Mellow Mushroom. It’s going to be a new pizza place in the old Borders Book store at the corner of Causeway Blvd & Veterans. Right across the street from Lakeside Mall.

From unloading the truck on Monday ’til putting up the box Friday took us 5 days. All we have to do now is wait for them lift our units up on the roof and making us a platform, run the lines and we’re done. Special thanks to Patrick & his dad for the awesome and speedy work done on this job. There might be a fruit basket or something coming 🙂

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