The Rusty Skipper

001 - Laponica Refrigeration - Forklift

Laponica Refrigeration is looking at buying a used forklift from one of our seafood plant customers. I, Ole Andreas Haug, have decided to name it The Rusty Skipper! At least that’s what I’m thinking right now. I will accept some other ideas.

002 - Laponica Refrigeration - ForkliftLaponica Refrigeration is a family operated small business located in Kenner, Louisiana. We are a full service and state licensed mechanical contractor for A/C, Heating and Commercial Refrigeration.

003 - Laponica Refrigeration - Forklift


Laponica’s Homemade Staircase

001 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

Probably should have moved some of that junk out the way first, but here you can see the workings of Laponica’s homemade staircase. The creator and designer, Ragnar Haug, is a self taught expert in the field of carpentry and refrigeration.

002 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

Angled shot to show height and depth.

003 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

Our two service tech experts Dennis and Marcus help their boss finish the job.

004 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

Work completed. Expertly crafted and designed this staircase will help expedite the process of moving stuff up and down from the second floor. Great job everyone. Great job.

005 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

This staircase has been tested and approved for “temporary” use by a member of the Haug family. Additional support methods will be needed to “feel” completely safe as determined by members of the Haug family who’s opinion will be the ultimate judge.

Laponica Refrigeration is a family operated small business located in Kenner, Louisiana. We are a full service and state licensed mechanical contractor for Air Conditioning, Heating and Commercial Refrigeration.

Home made draft table

001 - Laponica Refrigeration Draft Table

At first we managed to create a draft table with a smaller computer side table for our techs to do paperwork. The techs have a chair, but whoever is drafting looks like they will have to use a step stool.

002 - Laponica Refrigeration Draft Table

Nah, never mind. The owner, Ragnar Haug, is likely the one who will be using the draft table most often. Hence a nice expensive Rheem bar stool. Too bad the floor isn’t even.

003 - Laponica Refrigeration Draft Table

The office is coming together slowly but surely.

Chili’s Grill & Bar – Covington, LA

For some time now we have been working on a new Chili’s being built in Covington, LA. The GC (General Contractor) is a really cool guy, could be mistaken for Santa, who makes knives. Always fun to meet new people with great talent. Besides myself off course.

Laponica did it again!

Sometimes when my dad and Pat talk… it doesn’t actually sound like this, but this is how I imagine it and how I make it sound in my head. This is on the roof of a Chili’s Grill & Bar in Covington. Laponica Refrigerations latest and greatest.

Sam’s Club – Covington, LA

For those interested here are a few photos from June 2012 of Laponica a/c & heating unloading a truck for the coolers at the new Sam’s Club in Covington, LA. Laponica didn’t get the entire install job, but was simply asked to help out. Fun either way… it’s not everyday you get to ride one of those fancy machines 🙂

How often should you replace your a/c filter?

Searching google on an answer for this topic will show no specific standard as the answer is relative to so many factors. The number of pets you have, the number of people in a home, the amount of overall dust in a home, smokers, etc. However you should inspect your filter at least once a month. If you have pets in your house (dogs, cats) it will require a more frequent filter change than if you did not. People with asthma and/or allergies would benefit of keeping the air filter up to date.

If you do have asthma and/or allergies Trane has a wonderful product called “Clean Effect”  (you can see on their webpage here) This filter can remove up to 99.98% of all airborne allergens that passes through the filter. No need to buy a new filter and even has a light on the front to indicate if it needs to be cleaned.

For the rest of us, who don’t mind buying the cheapest filter at your local shopping center, here’s what you can do: Hold the used filter up to the light and compare it to a clean “spare.” When light is obscured by captured dust and dirt particles, the old filter should be changed. Keep a record for one year and then replace the filter on that basis.

At a minimum, it is always a idea to change filters at the start of the heating and cooling seasons and then in-between according to your need. Also, it is a good idea to have your heating and air system checked at the beginning of heating and cooling season to insure proper operation. You will actually find that all manufacturers of air conditioning and heating units in the United States recommend that you do preventive maintenance once or twice per year by having your unit serviced by a professional.

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