Port Eads – Install

Port Eads

– Install of two walk-in cooler/freezer boxes –

Totally forgot to post these photos, but here they are. Without an electrician present all our techs could do was put the boxes together and come back later to start it up.

To see photos from the site visit 12Nov14 click on the following link: Port Eads – Site Visit

Laponica Refrigeration offers both Industrial and Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration services in addition to residential services. The Nordic blood of the Laponica Refrigeration technicians knows no boundaries and our skills in high quality commercial ice machines, walk-in cooler/freezers, is a testament to that fact. Please take note that all of Laponica Refrigeration’s customers will receive the best customer care and quality materials to match.


Mystery Solved: Air Handler vs Furnace (Residential)

The video above, by Genteq Motors, gives a very good overview of how your average residential furnace works. For those of us, however, who has no life and would like to know more we will go into a little more detail in this article covering the history of heating homes to the difference between gas and electric.

Air Handler / Furnace
When you have electric heat it is called an air handler. When you have a gas heater it’s called a furnace. Up north you may have an oil burner, but that is also called a furnace. What they all have in common is a fan that circulates air in the house.

Want to learn more about Laponica Refrigeration? Visit us on our webpage by clicking on this photo. Link will open in a new tab.

Want to learn more about Laponica Refrigeration? Visit us on our webpage by clicking on this photo. Link will open in a new tab.

The Rusty Skipper

001 - Laponica Refrigeration - Forklift

Laponica Refrigeration is looking at buying a used forklift from one of our seafood plant customers. I, Ole Andreas Haug, have decided to name it The Rusty Skipper! At least that’s what I’m thinking right now. I will accept some other ideas.

002 - Laponica Refrigeration - ForkliftLaponica Refrigeration is a family operated small business located in Kenner, Louisiana. We are a full service and state licensed mechanical contractor for A/C, Heating and Commercial Refrigeration.

003 - Laponica Refrigeration - Forklift

Air Handler Install for Gulf Marine

009 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler

Some sections of this walkway were dangerous and if not careful one could easily fall through.

014 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler

The problem here was best described by our tech, “It was held on with tape!”

001 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler

Ragnar and Pat work on an air handler, which is about to get lifted up and installed. The workers inside are shivering in the cold. Good thing Laponica Refrigeration was here to save the day.

002 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 003 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 005 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 006 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 007 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 008 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 010 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 011 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 012 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 013 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler 015 - Laponica Refrigeration - Air Handler

Chili’s Grill & Bar – Covington, LA

For some time now we have been working on a new Chili’s being built in Covington, LA. The GC (General Contractor) is a really cool guy, could be mistaken for Santa, who makes knives. Always fun to meet new people with great talent. Besides myself off course.

Partitioning the warehouse

I am not sure if these photos have ever been posted before… they are now. When we first moved into our office/warehouse on Bainbridge we had to build some partitions to divide our side from the rest. Special thanks to Dennis (the guy with the beard) and his father Paul (the old guy) for their work on the partitions.