RaceTrac #578 – Lafayette, LA

Laponica A/C & Heating a family owned small business located in Kenner, LA just completed a cooler install at one of the new RaceTracs in Lafayette, LA. This site will not only include your average normal boring soda coolers, but… drum roll…


Patrick – one of Laponica’s most valuable members – is shown here unloading the many pallets needed to build the extraordinary awesome walk-in beer cooler.

It’s hard to tell in these two photos, but if you look at the photo ontop – the entire wall is the walk-in beer cooler. The other wall will be the regular soda cooler. Also, behind the yellow ladder in the bottom photo you will notice the door to the walk-in cooler. Now, you might be asking where are the photos of the finished product? Well there are none, but what’s important is really who you call for your next a/c & heating job. That’s Laponica. Whether you are a commercial business or residential you want to call Laponica. Not for our photography skills, but more… you know… a/c. Visit our website and take a look for yourself.