MS Jennifer

Filter, change oil, charge it with freon – regular service job.


Laponica’s Homemade Staircase

001 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

Probably should have moved some of that junk out the way first, but here you can see the workings of Laponica’s homemade staircase. The creator and designer, Ragnar Haug, is a self taught expert in the field of carpentry and refrigeration.

002 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

Angled shot to show height and depth.

003 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

Our two service tech experts Dennis and Marcus help their boss finish the job.

004 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

Work completed. Expertly crafted and designed this staircase will help expedite the process of moving stuff up and down from the second floor. Great job everyone. Great job.

005 - Laponica Refrigeration - Staircase

This staircase has been tested and approved for “temporary” use by a member of the Haug family. Additional support methods will be needed to “feel” completely safe as determined by members of the Haug family who’s opinion will be the ultimate judge.

Laponica Refrigeration is a family operated small business located in Kenner, Louisiana. We are a full service and state licensed mechanical contractor for Air Conditioning, Heating and Commercial Refrigeration.

Home made draft table

001 - Laponica Refrigeration Draft Table

At first we managed to create a draft table with a smaller computer side table for our techs to do paperwork. The techs have a chair, but whoever is drafting looks like they will have to use a step stool.

002 - Laponica Refrigeration Draft Table

Nah, never mind. The owner, Ragnar Haug, is likely the one who will be using the draft table most often. Hence a nice expensive Rheem bar stool. Too bad the floor isn’t even.

003 - Laponica Refrigeration Draft Table

The office is coming together slowly but surely.

Chili’s Grill & Bar – Covington, LA

For some time now we have been working on a new Chili’s being built in Covington, LA. The GC (General Contractor) is a really cool guy, could be mistaken for Santa, who makes knives. Always fun to meet new people with great talent. Besides myself off course.

Yet another Pizza Hut in Baton Rouge

Some additional photos of a job we did in Baton Rouge. For those interested 🙂

Partitioning the warehouse

I am not sure if these photos have ever been posted before… they are now. When we first moved into our office/warehouse on Bainbridge we had to build some partitions to divide our side from the rest. Special thanks to Dennis (the guy with the beard) and his father Paul (the old guy) for their work on the partitions.

What is meant by ‘ton’ of refrigerant?

Originating during the transition from stored natural ice to mechanical refrigeration, the term is used in many countries, particularly in North America, to describe the heat-extraction capacity of cooling equipment – whether it be refrigeration or air conditioning.

One ton of refrigerant refers to 12,000 B.T.U.s/hour (British Thermal Units per Hour) of cooling effect.

Example:                                                                                                                                A condensing unit with a cooling capacity of 60,000 B.T.U.s / hour has the capacity of 5 tons.

In, “What is HVAC and what does it mean?” we describe briefly that the cooling effect you feel from your air conditioner doesn’t come from the freon itself, but rather the effects of heat transfer.

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